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Colbert “Harley” Mukwevho / Bio
April 23, 2015

fullColbert Mukwevho was born in the Venda region in Limpopo Province- South Africa.

The diversely talented music artists playing their trade in the local music industry make the country a most appealing cultural hub.

While there are a great many music sounds and genres indigenous to South Africa, international influence is prominent.

This certainly cannot be viewed as a downfall when you have artists like the reggae-inspired Colbert Mukwevho, whose singing and compositions are inspired by that legendary Jamaican, Bob Marley.

Mr Mukwevho has been a musician for close to three decades initially working as a bassist and backing singer with Chicco Twala

He also did a duet, Hero’s Party, with Brenda Fassie in the mid-eighties, which appeared on her album Black President.

Mukwevho, who hails from Limpopo, has frequently heard that his voice is mistaken for Bob Marley’s.