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Digital Marketing

Website Development

As the world continues its transition from analogue to digital, websites have become so much more than an online business card. In the digital age, the website is the online extension of your brick-and-mortar business. It is often the first touch-point with potential customers, and through it’s design, functionality, added-value and user-friendliness, it can become the keystone of your marketing strategy. Khabza Design will develop your website to be effective, efficient, and secure across all operating systems, web browsers, and mobile platforms, and we’ll make it look good while we do so. We judge all of our web development work against the following three principles:

High visual impact.
Fast and seamless usability.
Keep It Simple, Stupid.
The ugly truth is that potential customers want to see what you’re about and what you can do for them before they get in touch. They might not want to call you or email you out of the blue, but as long as you embed your name in a customer’s head across your chosen media channels, they can Google your website in seconds. Which brings us neatly to SEO optimisation.

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SEO = Search engine Optimisation

Khabza Design develops all of its websites with Search Engine Optimisation principles in mind, keeping your brand relevant to search engines, and easy-to-find for your customers. We can create bespoke content for your website, or rewrite your current content to draw more clicks, more eyeballs and more business to your brand. The closer you are to the top of a search engine result, the closer you’ll be to the top of the industry food chain.

Email Marketing Services

Khabza Design can create and manage effective marketing campaigns via email distribution. This includes newsletters, promotional offers and generally creating relationships with your customers. Email marketing is cost-effective, targeted, and draws higher levels of response than most media, but it can also be a double-edged sword. Care must be taken to balance selling with relationship building, and campaigns must be carefully monitored for unsubscription rates, response rates and customer feedback, both negative and positive. Tozer Advertising has the experience and the skillsets to find this balance and win you repeat business from an engaged customer base.